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Solemen Indonesia : Your help to Mental Health patient in Bali

Thank you for supporting many mental health patients in Bali

As you can remember, since 2021 I've been saving 10% of my profit from my jewelry sale. And now those 10% goes to Solemen Indonesia.

I personally cannot thank you guys enough for trusting me and purchasing your jewelry from me. Since 2020, COVID pandemic has been so rough for all us, especially those who already struggle even before the pandemic.

I always have this dream to help others who are in need through my passion for making jewelry. So, this year, finally I DID it!!

In the beginning, I was planning to share some of my profit directly to Balinese family who are in need. But, unfortunately because various reasons I couldn't do it myself. Because I just gave birth to my son and also too busy tending to my new business. I also feel that would like to use this contribution for children education, creating classes that will give people skills to support themselves, rather than only spending it on daily needs.

Therefore I'm planning to make a FREE jewelry class for those who need a skill to support themself, especially for woman and young adult. The profit from my sales to my loyal clients will be a GIFT for people that will help people to continue their life.

I want to tell you to whom your donations goes..


Founded in 2011, Yayasan Solemen Indonesia is a non-profit health organisation who has gained a growing reputation as one of the most respected and reputable NGOs in Bali. Solemen’s driving passion is to alleviate the suffering of so many in Bali through community outreach, medical intervention, food aid, education, and when needed disaster response. Solemen’s activities benefit the sick, the poor, the disabled, and the marginalised in Bali. Solemen change the lives of people of all ages and all religions throughout Bali by bringing hope and sustainable solutions to those unable to access healthcare. Solemen are now looking after the daily needs of approaching three thousand “Solebuddies”, their affectionate term for those under their care. They have a talented board of directors, dedicated managers, and an outstanding team of outreach and administrative staff. Their overheads are well known to be kept at an absolute minimum. Compassion is the basis of their holistic work, and it carries them through some truly heart wrenching experiences.

So, that is a little bit about Solemen, I've been following their wonderful program since 2019 and I'm so touch with what they are doing and I trust them to use the donations to do more for Balinese who are in need.

I donated 10% of my sell to them, its not that much, it's $50 (IRD 700.000), but I believe that money will help Solebuddies. And not only that, its just a beginning, I just started selling online recently and I know I will do better so i can donate more and regularly to help more solebuddies in the future.

If you guys interester to learn more about Solemen Indonesia you can check their website or visit their Instagram to see more Solebuddies.

Every Purchase Means a Lot

Once again, thank you so much for all people who already purchase and support us. If you want to help more, please check out our shop. 10% of everything you buy will be donated to help family in need in Bali.


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