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Hi I'm Anindita!

Creator and Owner of Bali Earth Soul Jewelry

I started making jewelry in early 2014, inspired by a book that I read about wire wrapping. At first I only planned to make jewelry for myself. Looking at the wire wrapping jewelry in that book makes me want to try and make them myself. It was pretty tough in the beginning . It was so challenging especially to find the material and tools that I needed, not to mention I didn’t have a lot of money to start it. After 2 years of trial and error, I started to sell my jewelry in a shop as a consignment product. It felt so slow and it took a few weeks before I made my first sale.
Back then, it was so nice to have some money to pay for my school intuition and some coffee. Life seems so much simpler, going to school, getting back home, making jewelry then selling some of my creations. At this point I still see making jewelry as just a hobby and nothing more than just a side income.

Nowadays, making jewelry has become more like a way for me to meditate and make peace with myself. Something that I can focus my energy and passion on, turn it into something that can hold a meaning. I started to explore more, expand creativity and try something new. Wire wrapping jewelry is my basics. Now I enjoy making beaded necklace and designing earrings and necklaces with semi-precious gemstones and silver.

When I sell a piece of jewelry, I feel so happy to see the joy in my customer's face every time they wear the pieces. Especially when a customer shares some story and love of the jewelry. It makes me remember how important it is to make a connection with people and share our journey in life

What makes me more happy on my journey as an artisan is to share my creativity and happiness of making jewelry. Beside my crafty time I spent on making jewelry, I also do part time on teaching kids and adults how to make their own jewelry.

Before realizing it, making jewelry became my whole life, it helped me to support my little family and my extended family. 

- Satriyani Anindita


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