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From You, To Bali

Bali known for their beautiful beaches and their Balinese Hindu Traditions. For those who have been in Bali can tell that not only the beauty of the island that drawn them to come back to Bali. We knew how Balinese people are so generous and friendly.

Unfortunately, since COVID-19 pandemic started on 2020. Bali's economy has been hit hard because Bali depends much on tourism.

Bali became "an empty" island, touristic area so quite, shops and restaurants has no customer for days.

As the months go by many business closed down, people lose their jobs. Many locals are struggling to feed themselves and their families.

To ease the situation, we are donating 10% of the purchase you made to give to family in need here in Bali, Indonesia.

Starting from 3th October 2021, all your donation will help us to provide meals for family in needs. Our team will as many care packages as possible. We will us 100% of the donation to buy meals, books for children and medicine supply. All the care package will be distribute to those family amongst in their village are most in need.

With love from Bali,

Thank You!

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